Zoe Beloff: Emotions Go to Work

Zoe Beloff, Future Emoji (film still), 2017

19 January — 24 March 2019

New York-based artist Zoe Beloff is exhibiting an interactive installation at Firstsite, Colchester. Entitled Emotions Go to Work, the exhibition examines how technology, through a variety of means — be it internet marketing or Artificial Intelligence — is increasingly able to read our feelings and transform them into valuable assets.

Using samples of early black and white cartoons, kinetic experiments, slick advertorials, film projection, watercolours and cardboard cut-outs, through to the ubiquitous emoji, the exhibition presents itself as a riot of human and non-human faces, each of which build a picture of the interwoven history between man and machine.

The exhibition considers a number of key questions, such as what balance must be struck between entrusting machines with the freedom to reshape us in their image and, as technology adopts more and more emotional characteristics itself, the effect this might have in transforming our desires.

An illustrated book that accompanies the exhibition can be purchased from the Firstsite shop.

For more information: www.firstsite.uk/whats-on/zoe-beloff

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