Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne, is to be transformed into a giant artwork by the acclaimed German artist Lothar Götz.

Lothar Götz, in front of his installation at the MAC Belfast . Photo — Jordan Hutchins

Lothar Götz will transform the Towner’s exterior walls into a large-scale, colourful mural this summer to mark the 10th anniversary of the gallery’s move from its original home in Eastbourne’s Old Town.

Götz was selected from 60 artists and designers who applied for The Brewers Towner Commission, which is sponsored by local firm, Brewers Decorator Centres. Drawing on its architecture, Götz’s mural — his largest to date — will envelop the length and width of three sides of the award-winning building.

Towner Gallery Exterior CREDIT Phil Burrowes

Götz’s work — typically large-scale paintings, drawings and installations that respond to existing architectural structures — has included commissions for South Bank Centre and Leeds Art Gallery.

The Brewers Towner Commission will be rendered in the artist’s signature style using paint supplied by Brewers. Götz, , who is based in the U.K., was chosen by a selection panel that included Mark Brewer, Chairman of Brewers Decorator Centres, David Dimbleby, Chairman of Towner Art Gallery, Dinah Casson, Deputy Chair of Towner Art Gallery and Kiera Blakey, Curator for Art on the Underground, and Joe Hill, Director of Towner Art Gallery,

Says Götz: ‘To paint the entire rendered wall space of the Towner Art Gallery offers an amazing canvas, and to realise a painting of that scale in such a prominent public position of Eastbourne really is a kind of dream project for me. The [building’s] façade with its three-dimensional qualities will turn the painting into a kind of giant sculpture addressing the boundaries and crossovers between art and architecture, painting and sculpture and public and institutional spaces. Visible from several prominent viewpoints of the town with a wide range of different audiences, the painting will conceptually sit somewhere between street art and minimalism/abstraction and therefore hopefully offer a range of diverse viewings and readings.’

Lothar Götz, Xanadu, Acrylic on wall, dimensions variable, Victorian Staircase, Leeds Art Gallery, 2017 Photo by Jerry Hardman Jones

Founded in 1923 as an art gallery for the people of Eastbourne, Towner Art Gallery has been collecting and exhibiting contemporary art for the last hundred years. It moved to its current premises, designed by Rick Mather Architects, in 2009.

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