Joyoung’s Revolutionary Rice Cooker to be launched in London next week

Chinese manufacturing giant Joyoung will launch its latest culinary invention — the revolutionary S5 Steam Rice Cooker — next week at a special event at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London.

News of the new rice cooker has whipped up a storm of interest. In yesterday’s Guardian, the columnist Zoe Williams reviewed the S5 Steam Rice Cooker, claiming the appliance, which comes from the Chinese manufacturing giant Joyoung, is so “slick” and “advanced” it looks like it has been designed by the same people who are behind Tesla electric cars.

In less than two hours, the article attracted 500 comments. Some were astonished about the price tag — when it becomes available in the U.K. it will retail for over £300 — but given it’s versatility — it can steam anything, vegetables, meat, dumplings — many thought it was a snip.

Indeed, the appliance which also serves as a food steamer, pressure cooker, sterilizer and baby food (puree) processor, can be controlled via an app which also provides an online community allowing users to share recipes and pictures.

The novel part of the cooker is that the rice is not boiled or heated from below, as with all other such appliances. Instead it is blasted with steam from above fully immersing the rice, which at 120°C — is higher than all other rice cookers. This new process guarantees the rice is perfectly cooked — meaning no more pan-scraping, mushes or bullets.

While the S5 will not be available on the UK market until the first half of 2020 it is currently available for purchase online. However, the launch event next week provides the perfect opportunity to experience it in person; chef David Allistone will be offering demonstrations cooking up a variety of tantalising dishes.

If you would like to attend the launch event and for all media enquiries, please contact:

Harry Dougall:

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