British artist Noj Barker is to receive a solo show at The Club at Ivy

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Triptych, 2019, sikscreen print, 90cm x 90cm (unframed)

The celebrated British artist Noj Barker is to receive a solo show, entitled BLINK, at The Club at Ivy, opening 22 May, 2019.

In the same way Giorgio Morandi (1890–1964) painted different arrangements of the same set of vases, bowls and pots, Barker paints dots. Into these he incorporates smaller dots, creating intense, intricately configured compositions. The resulting works, which are all rendered in acrylic, can be austere or flamboyant; singular monochromes or psychedelic, trippy whirligigs of colour.

BLINK — Barker’s first solo exhibition in London since his Saatchi Gallery presentation in 2010 — is formed of three parts. Arrayed on the Ivy’s rear walls are the most recent works, three silkscreen prints that has been created through digital manipulation of images of original paintings.

Barker’s Radstone series, executed between 2018 and 2019, will be displayed in box frames bathed in ultraviolet light. These paintings, for which Barker has employed multifarious competing colours, are complimented by suite of works from the same period. For some of these, Barker employs the dash motif, which, when seen beside the more familiar dots, might be construed as Morse code, itself a sequence of dashes and dots.

Because the The Club at Ivy is a private club, viewing is by appointment only. Please contact

The Club at Ivy,

9 West St, London


Exhibition dates: 22 May — 31 May

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