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‘Phoenix Will Rise’, Rana Begum and Marina Tabassum, ‘Is This Tomorrow?’, Alserkal Avenue + Whitechapel Gallery, Dubai, 2019. Courtesy of the artist.

The Covid-19 pandemic has left events cancelled and postponed across the world and in response the Bagri Foundation has launched an open call for Asian artists offering financial support as well as a much needed creative stimulus.

Entitled At Home in the World, this new series of £1,000 online commissions is comprised of five categories — Visual Art, Film, Sound, Lectures & Courses and the Written Word — and invites Asian artists, writers, musicians, curators, filmmakers, researchers and academics to create online works that will be presented across the Foundation’s digital platforms.

I feel more than ever that art and culture are a key component of how we will get through this very difficult period. ‘At Home in the World’ is one way in which we hope to offer assistance and to release a wellspring of creativity that can be experienced digitally.’ — Alka Bagri, Trustee, Bagri Foundation

We are constantly exploring new ways of assisting artistic projects and we hope that these new commissions will be the first of many similar initiatives. As we enter a new world, which may look very different from the one we’ve always known, we invite those who can challenge our thinking and encourage others through unique and unexpected ideas.’ — Chelsea Pettitt, Head of Arts, Bagri Foundation

The deadline for submissions is April 17, 2020. These will be assessed by a panel of judges, with the winners announced in May 2020.

Click HERE for further information and how to apply.

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