Artist hana’s Debut Solo Exhibition & Her Revolutionary Eco-Paints

Sagwa Obseoyo, (2020), Oil and edible funghi on linen, 30 x 30 cm

A new show at Mayfair’s The Boardroom, 50 Brook Street, sees the debut solo exhibition of artist hana entitled Inventing Artist Paints, which showcases eighteen works including portraits of the actor, comic and writer, Noel Fielding, artists Anish Kapoor and Yayoi Kusama, along with depictions of horses and textured abstract works. All the artworks have been rendered in eco-friendly paints made entirely from fruit, vegetables, algae and seaweed, which the artist invented.

Throughout her life, sustainability has been a central cornerstone for artist hana, who spent years researching food and how to minimise exposure to daily airborne toxins. While attending art school in California, she found it difficult to be around the fumes from paints and paint thinners and consistently wore a mask while in the studio. Upon further research, she found that most conventional oil paints are known carcinogens and toxic to certain aquatic life. This led her to pondering if she could create a paint that not only had a pleasant smell but was better for the artist and the environment. This inspired the use of organic materials to create this eco-friendly paint — her first was a blue-violet colour made from blueberries which can be seen in the portraits below.

All form part of her series Portrait of a Genius; ‘The well-known faces in the portraits on view at this exhibition have two things in common: they are artists and they are geniuses. All six well-known faces, in my opinion, are the most influential artists in today’s world; they have all done revolutionary things in art and I find them inspiring,’ she says.

Artist Hana’s ultimate aim is to bring a complete set of eco-paints to the market and already has a black paint created from coconut shell waste and a deep green paint made from seaweed. There is an inventing station in her show where she demonstrates how she creates the paints, where visitors can witness the high level of quality that can be achieved. Artist hana is revolutionising traditional oil paints that have not evolved in years to be healthy for the artist and the environment while still being archival.

Portrait of Noel Fielding (2020), Blueberry oil and coconut shells on canvas, 76.20 x 60.96 cm

Don’t miss your chance to see the exhibition Inventing Artist Paints on until the 4 December by appointment only. To book your slot, please email

Portrait of Artist Hana. Photo by Sal Redpath

50 Brook Street

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